Extra week of summer

Hi there.

I have been silent for a while.. Oops!
Not been feeling very well and also had a short holiday to the lovely San Vincenzo, Italy.

To make up for it I will post some photo’s of my recent trip to Tuscany with my partner.
It was funny since the holiday season is practically over 90% of the hotels where closed and empty. We had a private beach since there were only a handful of tourists still there. The Italians where walking around in coast and scarfs at 22 degrees celsius while we were swimming in the ocean.

We had a great relaxing holiday with lots of swimming, reading and eating delicious food. And this scenery is great for photographing, got out the old pocket camera for this one. Enjoy!




Bathroom tiles

Good morning!

The week goes by crazy fast, wow!
A little room people always seem to neglect a little bit, when it comes to interior styling, seems to be the bathroom. Except for people who have a massive space to work with it can be quite difficult to decorate it.

In our house we have a tiny cubicle with a shower and a sink, that’s all.
Not to complain, of course, but not the easiest room to work with.
Since the day we moved in I have been dreaming about redoing the bathroom.
It has not come to this yet, tiles are so expensive!!

One thing I really would like to change are our boring white tiles we have on our entire wall. Choosing tiles isn’t that easy, they for one are very expensive or very trend sensitive. And you don’t want tiles that are going to be nice for one season and then you end up hating them. Difficult as is, I started pinning some pictures to get an idea of what kind of tiles I like. Always a good starting point to look at with your significant other (in case they feel a strong ‘no’ towards something). Or if you are alone, imagine them on your wall or even do some photoshopping to get a good picture.

Asset 2



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Vintage boudoir

Hi readers,

Today I want to talk about a little thing that I have been obsessing over for years now.
To add to my habit of buying old furniture I have been searching for the perfect boudoir furniture and decor for ages. It has been an ongoing process that keeps developing and changing over time. At this point in time I only have room for a tiny 1950s make-up table so that has to do for now. I hope one day I will be able to fit a big ass 30s boudoir dresser with mirror in somewhere.

These kind of old style boudoir furniture pieces take me back to the old days of Hollywood glamour. They give me some sense of dreaming and wonder that I think is especially great for when you are getting ready for the day. They are a place you visit every morning, which in my humble opinion shouldn’t be your bathroom mirror in all the morning hustle. A place to start your day and have a moment with yourself in the mirror.

One of the best examples of a vintage but functional boudoir interiors would be the house of my beloved burlesque queen Dita von Teese. She embodies that old Hollywood glam for me in the present times.


In our daily lives there’s so much adverts and images that are pushed upon us like there’s no tomorrow. We don’t have a real say in most of the images we see on a daily basis. When we travel to work we see lots of unappealing interiors en exteriors (train stations/metro’s etc.) with screaming advertising at every corner. When I get home or when I start my day I just take a short 15 minutes to have some internal dialoge while getting ready to face the music. In my favourite room of the house where I feel the happiest and that visually gives me something else full of warmth and dept.

blogpost3 copy

To take inspiration from vintage decor doesn’t mean it has to be outdated. The fun bit lays in playing with a lot of era’s that don’t have to be excluded from each other. Combining modern and old can even bring you new ideas and inspiration.




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Blue hues

Hello readers,

I am going to do a little series about color in interiors and will post lots of inspiration pictures to help anyone wanting to go bold. I myself have never been happier with our own big bright coloured wall. We have painted the biggest wall in our living room a petrol/teal blue color. It adds lots of cosiness and warmth to the space. And bold yellows and oranges pop like crazy in front of it. Combined with our tropical indoor plants it gives a lively but very homely vibe I love so much, with a hint of tropical flavour.

There are a million ways to add color to your space. You can go all the way and paint the walls and ceilings to match. You can chose to do a banner of color over your walls, or match all the furniture to match the hue of your accent wall. Just have fun with it!




Getting the autumn feels

Good afternoon,

It has been a first for me this year that I am not happy summer is over for a change. Past years I was stuck in (very) hot studio spaces and student houses. But since last Oktober I am proud owner of my very own garden! Love sitting outside in the shade smelling all the summer smells, reading a nice book. When we moved in it was all heavy cement tile and fake grass, not very inviting. But we are now in possession of a nice green garden with bushy greens and flowers, even a courgette or two.

I hope the coming months will be warm enough to still enjoy the greenery a bit more till it goes full winter on us. In the meantime I am already making some plans to bring the green back inside with me. To give you some inspiration look at my pinterest, below a little selection from my board.



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13 DEC:Christmas shopping

Since we are not celebrating big this year- moving and decorating is expensive – me and hubby are just giving each other small presents this year. Which doesn’t have to mean they can’t be nice though! Why are guys so hard to please as it comes to buying them gifts.. I keep wrecking my brains on finding/buying original gifts. Previous years we had a lot more budget so it was a bit easier. And this year I am not DIY-ing a gift again.

But it is quite easy to DIY a gift and there’s lot of easy things that will satisfy your hubby! For instance, make a nice compilation of some cute image’s of you with your significant other and put them in a nice frame, maybe decorate the frame even. You can gift him a self made soap or shaving cream, or a nice scrub (very easy and with a lot less ingredients then store ones).

Just listing some things I did before haha! But as an example, it is really not that hard to make it yourself.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping!


Starting at zero..

Good evening future readers,

It has been a long time coming; this blog had a lot of earlier attempts.
But since I never really followed through this time will be the one.

Lets start with the name I so cleverly chose (haha): Feelicity, an alteration of felicity, which translates loosely to intense happiness or the ability to find appropriate expression of ones thoughts. This captures the exact reason for this blog. I have been on other blogger sites like Tumblr many years and have always appreciated that way of documenting my thoughts in image and words. As I grew older Tumblr didn’t seem to fully cover my need of writing more and having more debt to things. So that leaves us at this point in time. I am planning to blog about things that interest me greatly and make me happy, subjects like art, interior design, fashion, photography, movies and DIY.

I hope you will receive me with kindness in a new world I am about to enter. See you soon!